How does SEATRAC work?

Swim in the sea independently, safely, and inclusively (and at no cost to you!)

What is SEATRAC?

SEATRAC is a free service that offers unassisted sea access to people with disabilities and mobility issues. It is an innovative, technological assistant that promotes autonomy, quality, and wellness in everyday life. It encourages integration and inclusion of all members of society. It allows caretakers and families of people with disabilities to enjoy beachgoing without physical hassle.

How it works

Ι choose the beach I want to visit, get access to the remote control, and then go swimming!

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To know if there is a remote on site, visit the page for the beach you want to go to and check the "Remote" info. If there is no remote available, call +30 2610876000.

Yes! You can have your own remote by calling +302610876000 or via email (delivery is 1-3 days in Greece).

To enter the sea: press the left button on the remote control for 2 seconds. To return to shore: press the right button on the remote control for 2 seconds. Emergency stop: press either button for 2 seconds.

Over 220 locations across Greece

More and more beaches are getting accessible amenities in Greece! SEATRAC is a worldwide patent and we are really proud of it!

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Why I love SEATRAC…

My name is Graeme from York in the UK. I’m a 65 year old T4 (complete) paraplegic and full time wheelchair user. The Seatrac has been a fantastic facility for me to have daily independent and safe access to swimming in the sea. It is an easy to use device which has hugely added to the pleasure of my holiday. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this impressive technology and feel the benefit and pleasure of being able to undertake something that able bodied people take for granted. 

Graeme R.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enjoy both the fun and the healing power of the sea!

Apostolos M.


Our main criterion to go on holiday is your map. For us, SEATRAC is our best summer friend!

Mary Ch.

SEATRACer's mom

I am so glad I don't remember going for a swim the years before SEATRAC!

Ioanna K.


Why ΤΟΒΕΑ's team likes SEATRAC

"SEATRAC showed us how innovation and technology can be the means to change our mentality! There are no obstacles, only challenges to conquer!"

TOBEA's team

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